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We need your help.  College Camp helps to increase college enrollment in youth from underserved communities, youth who don't think college or any higher education institution is for them.  Through College Camp, students grow their aspirations and ultimately change their life trajectories.  To hear former College Camper and Mentor, Mary Janell Murro address over 600 guests at the YMCA's 150th gala and share her life changing experience click here.

Here are some clips and words from our 2019 College Campers!  Click here to watch their awesomeness.

Your generosity will help to ensure College Camp continues.  Now, more than ever, teens help support in chartering their next steps.  Many who were on track have been thrust into unknowns, and those who were already struggling are left even further behind.  College Camp provides access and answers.  YMCA staff and volunteer college mentors, work in small groups to individually coach youth on their next steps.

Donate above.  This allows us to maximize your gift!

March 1 through April 30 Custom Color Eyelash Lei Sales

March 1 through March 13
Cloud Nine Cafe Boba Tickets. Sales/Site available during listed dates. Tickets valid March 15-April 11

March 2 12p-1p Association Rally

April 11 through April 24
Cloud Nine Cafe Boba Tickets. Sales/Site available during listed dates. Tickets valid April 26-May 23

April 3 Panda Express Day

Last week in April Association Virtual Fitness Event (More Info Coming Soon)

May 8 Panda Express Day




The YMCA is an organization built on the idea of volunteerism and service.  Sir George Williams was only 22 years old when he started the YMCA in 1844 in London England and today it serves millions in over 121 countries.  At Atherton we strive to encourage the next generation of leaders like George Williams.  Leaders who envision a world more equitable, inclusive, bold, and caring.

Throughout its storied history, the Atherton YMCA has served Hawai'i's college students and the greater community through its residence hall, young adult programs and myriad of service projects. Currently, our service work is through young adult programs.  At Atherton we provide a variety of programs that help youth learn about and enroll in college, help college students develop their career goals and skill sets, and help Hawai`i at large by leveraging the students time, talent, and willingness to serve to make a positive difference in our communities.

Despite the pandemic, Atherton increased student services through internships.  
Atherton remains a unique branch focused on providing opportunities for teens, college students, and volunteers of all ages.  College students pursuing Bachelor and Masters degrees in Social Work, Public Health, Education, Sociology, Business, Nursing, and many others turned to the YMCA to gain experience and serve their community.  Because of this, Atherton expanded it's community support services to include Kupuna outreach, language lessons, academic support, elementary enrichment, early education circle time, and even socials for parents.

For more information about the Atherton Y, please visit www.ymcahonolulu.org/locations/atherton.
Follow us on Instagram at: @athertonymca
Join our virtual opportunities: linktr.ee/AthertonYMCA

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