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Cassidy Inamasu

Thank you for stopping by our Atherton page to donate. Whether you give to me or one of our students, I appreciate you. Giving to Atherton means:

1) you believe students from under-served communities should have access to college - it shouldn't just be a dream,
2) career exploration and development can (and should) occur throughout college so our workforce is strong, confident, engaged, and passionate, and
3) service is life - volunteering and giving back to communities at home and abroad can brighten someone's day, save someone's life, and change the trajectory of whole communities.

In high school I struggled with anxiety, depression, and bad decisions. I made it through some heavy times, a suicide attempt, and decided to make some changes.

In 2003, I graduated (barely) and started at the Y as Group Leader.

In 2007, I was provided an opportunity to serve in the Philippines. I decided to make the Y my career - whatever that meant or looked like.

In 2009, I was provided an opportunity to represent the US at the YMCA of Europe Roots for Reconciliation conference in Armenia. I decided nothing would get in my way of doing the most and best I could.

In 2011, I was provided an opportunity to join a service trip to Molokai and finally graduated with my Bachelors in Sociology. I decided to live life more balanced and fully.

In 2018, I enrolled in my Masters program - something I never thought I would do.

In 2019, I accepted the position at Atherton where college access, career development, and service learning opportunities are at the core of what we do. The Y helped me all three areas and I am honored to be a part of the team growing our impact.

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of youth, staff, and partners. Every day I learn something new, am challenged to be better, and am provided the opportunity to make an impact. The point: I am thoughtful, confident, competitive, crazy, driven, thankful, and passionate because of how the Y, and the amazing folks I've worked alongside impacted me. These are all things, except maybe crazy, I was not, until the Y.

Thank you for helping me to change lives, shift trajectories, and be a support system for those who need it. At Atherton, we challenge every student to use the opportunities provided to them and pay it forward to make a lasting impact on their community.

$1200 - provides a night of mentoring, conversation, and development for over 50 college students with professionals in their fields of study

$875 - provides one student a week long college experience touring campuses and visualizing their future.

$500 - provides a week of service focused on conservation and the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture

$400 - provides a middle or high school student an opportunity to engulf themselves in civic education

$300 - provides a semester of after-school tutoring for elementary youth, activities for houseless youth of all ages, or after-school mentoring for middle school girls.


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