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Bridging Communities for Generations to Come

Atherton Y Service Club

After 26 years waiting for a new charter, on February 2, 2020 the official charter signing of the Atherton Y Service Club was made. In correspondence with the Atherton YMCA Branch, its service club was created for student volunteers who wish to continue serving their local and international communities after obtaining their college degrees and joining the workforce.

Our organization stands to cultivate fellowship and to support projects that resonate with the values of the YMCA. Each member has a specific connection to the Atherton YMCA and how they began to grow through the Y. Our collection of photos below will highlight some of our members and explain how their Atherton Y story began.

Through the Annual Campaign, our goal as a service club is $2500. We are pursuing this goal because we believe in the programs of the Atherton YMCA. Going through these programs ourselves, we witnessed our very own growth and its impact on us to continue serving the world and to bridge every community for generations to come. With your support, we will make sure that these programs will serve all of the communities within Hawaii and to connect bridges internationally as well. Thank you for visiting!

Sharon Ishida
Nainoa Heaston
Kori Kawagishi
Cuong Tran
Mary Janell Murro
Keahi Kaawa
Cassidy Inamasu
Jaylord Castro
Christina Terawaa
Tyler Lilly
Wes Pei

See what your donation can do:
$1200 - provides a night of mentoring, conversation, and development for over 50 college students with professionals in their fields of study

$875 - provides one student a week long college experience touring campuses and visualizing their future.

$500 - provides a week of service focused on conservation and the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture

$400 - provides a middle or high school student an opportunity to engulf themselves in civic education

$300 - provides a semester of after-school tutoring for elementary youth, activities for houseless youth of all ages, or after-school mentoring for middle school girls.


Meet Sharon, who shares a long time history with Atherton since 1966 and holds a dual membership with Kaimuki. Over the years, she held staff and volunteer positions with the Y. She is glad to call the Y her home.


Meet Cassidy, Executive Director at Atherton Y! He struggled with anxiety and depression through high school and barely graduated. With the Y, he found his passions, strengths, and even himself again. Cass is now pursuing his Masters in Public Admin.


Meet Mary, our President! Mary’s been involved with the Atherton Y since she was a college camper. Through the Y, Mary found her passion to serve underrepresented communities across the state and now holds a B.S in Human Development & Family Studies.


Meet Nainoa, our Treasurer. Nainoa has worked, volunteered and currently serves on the Board of Managers for the Atherton Y. He holds a Bachelors degree in Family Resources, a Masters degree in social work and is a Licensed Social Worker in Hawaii.

Meet Cuong, our Secretary! Cuong has been a volunteer with the Atherton YMCA since his freshmen year of college. Because of the Y, he changed his major to Global Environmental Science and pursued environmental sustainability and coastal stewardship.

In last year's Annual Campaign, we made over $70,000, surpassing our $58,000 goal! How much can we make this year?

College Camp is a college access program that provides college preparation resources and mentorship to Title I high school students.


raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jarret Pascual
2. LDT
Thank you guys for all that you do, not only for the Y, but each of you individually in your respective communities.
3. Nainoa Heaston
4. Christian Jensen
5. Kalani Akau
6. Bryan Murphy
From our time with RISE like 5-6 years ago to today, I have had to watch from afar while you've grown into everything we always thought you would. I am always in your corner and just a phone call away!!!

Team Atherton Y Service Club