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2021 Camp Erdman Annual Campaign Fundraising Page

Brooke Benson
At the Y, we are committed to equity and inclusion for all. We believe everyone should have “equitable” opportunities to develop to their fullest potential and live their best lives.

Unfortunately we don't all start off in the same situations, or have the same lifestyles, means, backgrounds, needs and wants.

Far too many people, especially those in underserved groups and communities, start at a disadvantage or lack equal access to resources, opportunities or support systems. So we meet people where they're at.

While our Y's services and programs welcome thousands to our branch facilities each year, our responsibility – and our impact – reaches far and deep into the communities where those who need our help the most live, work, go to school and play.

With your help, the YMCA of Honolulu is able to provide $719,000 in financial assistance every year, so no one is ever turned away because of an inability to pay.


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