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2021 Camp Erdman Annual Campaign Page

Morgan Brailo
Now, more than ever, the community needs camp. Over a year of children distance learning, more than 365 days of adults working from home; it is time to safely get back to the great outdoors. In 2018, YMCA Camp Erdman gave out a total of $111,544 in financial aid for kids to attend camp. We understand that a trip to Camp is not affordable for everyone, but the Y is a place where everyone is welcomed, regardless of their financial standing. The annual campaign is where we reach out to the community and ask for donations so we can continue to offer financial aid services for those who are in need.

The “Camp Experience” changes lives for the better. While here they participate in the High Ropes courses, environmental education classes, and learn how to work in groups and problem solve. Of course the camp staples of archery, swimming, hiking, and a campfire cannot go without mention, but while the lessons being taught are valuable, what students remember most is the camp magic. It begins with statements like “Miss Morgan I didn’t think I could climb that high,” “I can’t believe how bright the stars are,” “This is my first time ever hiking.” And it ends with the children getting back in their family cars and telling us how much they don’t want to leave. Camp is a place where kids are able to step out of their comfort zones and begin to develop long lasting relationships with nature, their peers, and ultimately themselves. Camp is a place where kids get to be away from their electronics, away from social media, away from many norms of society and genuinely be a kid.


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Beverly Cheatham
2. Natalie Plouffe
Trying to provide opportunities for more than just one keiki to go to camp, I love how big you heart is!
3. Lauryn Hudgins
4. Kathleen Jeremiah
5. Rebecca Mercer
6. Holly Hanson
Keep doing great things, Morgan!!

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