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Mandy MacMahan

Thank you for visiting my page. Camp Erdman is a very special place to me and my family. We have watched many children achieve independence, hope, confidence, acceptance, and more. At camp children arrive with their different backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks on life; they all leave with memories that bond them through the shared experience and a bond they created together at Camp.

Our Annual Campaign allows us to support more than just outdoor education, we support summer campers, family campers and other groups that benefit from being in an environment that allows them to explore themselves through programs that support their needs or cause.

Won't you join me in making a difference in someone's life today?
Please support our Annual Campaign with a gift that makes you feel good.



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Mahalo Camp Erdman, In my darkest moment in life , you were their. Mark P.
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Passionate & Hard Worker for the Y!!
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