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Fala's Ymca welcome message

Falatunatuna Leasiolagi

Hi my name is Falatunatuna Leasiolagi. I am 13 years old and I attend Kaimuki middle school. In December 2017, i moved from America Samoa. The first place I came to was the YMCA. When I first went to the Y i was pretty nervous, because i didn't know anyone. Moving from a completely different island and just jumping into a after school program can be pretty scary. Soon I realized that the people at the Y were so accepting and really kind. In American Samoa my after school program, The Boys and Girls Club, was never like the YMCA. The YMCA is so much fun, adventurous, loving, and they do a lot of work to help out the community. I am still here two years later. I do a lot of Community service with the Y. We do so many fun events and because of these events I've made so many friends. My best friends, Justin and Emma, have been there for me through everything. The Y has given me so much and i want other people to experience the love and joy I've been fortunate enough to be given. My goal is $300 and please donate anything you're willing to give.

Faafetai(thank you in Samoan),
Falatunatuna Leasiolagi


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We love you Fala and Lia send love to your mom too.
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6. Kai Uyehara
Awesome story Fala. Let me know if you need any help for your campaign
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