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Matt Baggett

Hi, I'm Matt but I go by many names matt, matty, mattybags all names that I've gained from the y. I am a junior at kalani high. I've been coming to the y since I've been practically in the womb. I am the second youngest of 4 children and all of my older brothers have come to this program since they were so young.
As a person I've evolved for the better in too many ways that I'd hit the charachter limit on this message if I listed them all. If our branch doesnt get donations than there are many people out there that cant grow and gain skills that will help them in all aspects of life. I dont like knowing the fact that I couldve helped someone in some way. And I want other people to share in that feeling. And to all of us to be able to be nicer and kinder to each other and that's what we learn to do.
Thank you for any support that can be given. No matter the amount/encouragement/volunteering that is granted to us we appreciate any and all of it.


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