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My 2020 Kaimuki Annual Campaign Fundraising Page

Rachel Morrison

Why I teach.
Living on an island has taught me the importance of everyone, regardless of their age learning to swim. You would be surprised by the number of people who have lived within walking distance from the beach that cannot or have not ever learned to swim. With Hawaii's high cost of living, the price of swim lessons can hinder some families from taking these life changing lessons.
I have had the privilege of teaching children (and their parents) ages 6 months and up how to safely enjoy the water. The parents learn how to help their child become comfortable in and around the water. Watching a child enter the water in fear the first week of class become comfortable moving through the water by the end of the session is the reason why I teach.
I have also had the privilege of teaching pre-schoolers and elementary age students become comfortable in the water. Some of those children would never have been able to attend lessons if it wasn't for the generosity of the YMCA and it's donors. Hearing a child say that they love the water, and swimming, as a result of their lessons is the reason why I teach.
One of my favorite classes to teach are the adults who have decided to make a change in their life, from the 13 year old that never learned to swim to the 75 year old who only wanted to learn to swim now so she could participate in Aqua Aerobics classes. The parents who have signed up for swim lessons only because their children are also taking swim lessons and they want to be able to swim as well as their children. Watching their faces as they realize that they could now go to the beach and enjoy the water safely is the reason why I teach.
Please join me in supporting the Kaimuki YMCA in offering affordable lessons to those families that need it most. . Every dollar I raise will advance YMCA of Honolulu's and the Kaimuki branch's great cause! Together, we can make a difference in allowing people to learn how to swim!


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