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Aloha Can Change The World

Wendy Hanna

The year 2020, will go down in history as one of the most challenging ever faced by the State of Hawaii, the Kailua Community, the Windward YMCA and the world!

Many have struggled financially and others have suffered medically. Some of you, your family and your friends have lost jobs, been furloughed indefinitely or taken a pay cut. People who have never had to go to a food bank, now go regularly, and still others are skipping meals so their children do not. Education is now achieved through "distance learning", and essential workers struggle to find educational assistance for children that cannot be left home alone.

Yet, throughout all the uncertainty surrounding us, the Windward YMCA continued to support its members, and the community in a variety of ways and did so with a 75% reduction in staff and the financial loss of many of its members. Shown below is a short list of those initiatives:

Online wellness videos and virtual classes were made available to provide the consistency so many of us require while giving us a continued sense of belonging.

An Essential Workers Child Care Program was created serving over 970 local children.

The "Learning Center" program was created on-site to serve 50 elementary school aged keiki every week, providing an e-learning environment during school closures as well as safe after school activities so parents could return to work.

An emergency meal distribution program was established and served more than 91,500 meals from March through July (over 1,000 hot meals a day) to keiki and their families.

The monthly houseless program continued providing a hot meal, shower, supplies and services to our local vulnerable population.

Yes, 2020 was probably the toughest year many of us will ever experience, but it is clear the Windward YMCA rose to the occasion.

Your donation, regardless of the amount, will continue to provide funds for the endeavors listed above, as well many others that will benefit our members and the community.

My utmost gratitude to those of you who are considering making a donation and for taking the time to read this Windward YMCA update. Please remember: ALOHA Can Change the World!

With many thanks and much Aloha,
Wendy Hanna
2021 Annual Campaign Co-Chair


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